Selecting Appropriate Office Partitions.

Effective office partitioning can bring many benefits to a workplace, so it is important that businesses research what style partitions best suits their needs.

There are many benefits to installing office partitions across your workplace. On top of providing staff with a sense of privacy and personal space, they can also help maximise productivity, minimise noise, and help secure confidential information. There is a range of different office partitioning equipment available for workspaces, and business owners may be confused about which type best suits their needs. This article will discuss some effective strategies for choosing the right partitioning equipment for your workplace, to help provide staff with a comfortable workplace, as well as minimise downtime.

What benefits do you want from office partitions?

Before selecting the appropriate type of partition for your office, you should first answer this question: what goals do I want to be achieved through their installation? Different partition types serve different purposes, ranging from dividing the office into different section, providing a protective barrier between people, providing staff with a sense of privacy and personal space, minimising noise and other distractions, and keeping confidential information secure. Before selecting the office partitions to be installed across your workplace, you should have a clear idea of what goals you are seeking to achieve from them. Doing so will help you to select the type that best suits your needs, and will enable you to work at developing a more productive work environment.

Here are some of the most common reasons for installing office partitions, and the office partition type that best suits that purpose:

Noise mitigation and providing personal space.

Effectively installed desk partitions can work at providing staff with a sense of privacy, as well as working at minimising noise distractions, thus maximising productivity. A key benefit of desk partitions is their portability, as they can be installed at many individual booths, to provide staff with some privacy, and work at keeping outside noises to a minimum. What makes desk partitions such a great office addition is that they are easy to install, and can also work at dividing the office into relevant sections. For example, many workplaces have desk partitions of one colour in one area of the office, and of a different colour in other divisions. This works at providing a visual signifier regarding the office layout, and immediately shows people how it is divided into different sections. In short, desk partitions are incredibly versatile, and can help business’ achieve a range of goals, all at once.

Providing a protective barrier between people

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, and business’ need to be taking active steps to ensure there are appropriate social distancing measures in place at their workplace, and that staff are provided with a degree of protection. There are a range of office partitions designed specifically to provide staff with a protective barrier between other staff and customers, while ensuring the customer service experience is not compromised. Perspex partitions suit this purpose well, as they have a non-porous, see-through surface, allowing for maximum visibility between people, whilst still providing a layer of protection. For any business working closely with customers, such as restaurants and workshops, these office partitions have become a helpful addition to their work environment, as they provide personal protection, while still allowing for a satisfactory customer service experience.

Keeping confidential information secure

A great benefit that several types of office partitions provide is providing a sight and noise barrier for certain areas of an office. This means that anyone working with confidential, sensitive information can rest assured that their data is safe from anyone accidentally coming across it, and that the integrity of the business is upheld. Freestanding office partitions serve this purpose effectively, as their tall height, portability, and cheap price mean that they are accessible to many business’, and provide a clear and simple method for concealing or dividing rooms, dividing the office into different sections, or, in general, keeping confidential information secure by reducing the likelihood of unauthorised users coming across it. On top of serving these purposes, they can also contribute to a unique office aesthetic, as they come in a range of different colours, which can add some personality to your work environment.

Office partitions can help your business achieve a range of goals

It is clear that the effective installation of office partitions throughout a workplace can help business’ achieve a range of productivity and ergonomic related goals. However, before purchasing any office partitions, it is important to work out the specific office objectives you are looking to address, and then research which style of office partition would best suit your requirements. You will then be in the position to work at effectively installing them throughout your office, ensuring that they serve your business needs, and help contribute to a more productive work environment.

Please visit this page for more practical advice on working out which partition style best suits your business’ needs.

Improve Your Workspace With Effective Office Partitions

Workplace partitions can bring many benefits to an office, including noise reduction, and maximising productivity.

With many business’ across the country now back to working at the office, employers are faced with the challenge of redesigning their office environment to ensure it meets a number of goals, including ensuring that their office is designed to accommodate compliant social distancing practices, that the personal wellbeing of all staff is provided for through providing them with sufficient personal space, and that the physical lay out of the office is conducive to productivity, with it being designed to ensure that external noises are minimised, meaning that staff can discuss work matters without distracting nearby employees. All three of these goals can be met by installing a range of ergonomic-friendly work partitions across your workspace, as they are designed to support maximum productivity and employee comfort. By installing work partitions across your workspace, your business is demonstrating a commitment to employee comfort and productivity.

Partitions Promote Productivity and Privacy

There are countless business advantages to installing partitions across your workplace. In addition to acting as both a physical and noise barrier between staff, and thus providing employees with a sense of personal space, they can also be used as visual signifiers to separate the workspace into different departments. For example, the desks for floor staff at an office could be equipped with one type of partition and management with another. This acts as an immediate visual signifier for people in the office that there is a clear division between these two departments. So, not only can office partitions helps design the work layout to maximise productivity, but they can also give an individual identity to different divisions within the office.

Further, the effective placement of office partitions can work at visually protecting confidential information from unauthorised users, as the partitions can act as a visual barrier, preventing unauthorised users from seeing confidential work data.

Find the right partition for your workspace.

As there is a huge range of different work environments and working arrangements, so too is there a wide range of office partitions available for business’, with the various types serving different work purposes. Some of the most popular, work-conducive, partition styles include:

  • Freestanding Office Partitions: These tall office partitions can serve a range of different purposes, but they are most suited to dividing up the office workspace into different departments. Not only are they large, portable, and easy to move, they act as great visual barriers, and are effective in dividing up work environments into different departments. By installing a range of freestanding office partitions across your workspace, your business will have clear areas for different staff, employees will be provided with a sense of personal space, and productivity will be maximised by reducing potential distractions.
  • Freestanding Acoustic Partitions: These partitions are similarly designed to the ones described above, and yet distinguish themselves by acting as exceptional noise mitigators, through their high sound absorption ability, due to their polyester soundmesh lining.  These partitions will be a great addition to any work environment with a degree of noise, as they act as noise blockers, reducing outside distractions. By installing these partitions across your workspace, your business is making a commitment to high productivity, less distractions, and happier employees.
  • Perspex Partitions: These see-through partitions are great at providing a high degree of visibility across the office, while still providing a physical protective barrier between areas. With the COVID pandemic not yet over, these partition types have become a must-have for business’ that deal with customers face-to-face, as the protective barrier is conducive to social distancing requirements and ensures that the safety of both customers and staff remains a high priority. Further, the see-through, non-porous surface means that visibility is not compromised. These partitions have quickly become a must-have item for all organisations that deal with customers face-to-face, and the fact that they provide a protective barrier while not compromising visibility makes them a top choice for many business’.
  • Desk Partitions: Both portable and protective, desk partitions are a popular choice for business’ across the country, as they can easily be installed at individual staff workstations, providing employees with a sense of personal space and privacy. They also act as noise mitigators, and so are a great addition to any workplace looking to maximise employee comfort.

This article has briefly covered some of the main office partition styles available on the market, and discussed the specific benefits of each type. However, particular business’ may have specific requirements relating to their workspace, and so require a range of partitioning equipment to be installed throughout their office, with various partition types being installed across different areas of their office.

Please check out this page to find out more about which style of office partition would best suit your operations. After finding out which types are relevant to your business needs, you will be able to take active steps towards making your office environment a supportive, inclusive environment for all staff.

Why Use an Ergonomic Chair?

Sitting is the new smoking! Sitting is a disease that is a high-risk factor for early death. In fact, a 2012 study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys indicates that 70 percent of people spend more time sitting down.

This sedentary lifestyle isn’t limited to sitting down and sending countless emails at work, but starts right from the time your day begins, from sitting down during your daily commute to vegging out in front your TV binge watching your favorite Netflix series.

And if you think that doctor-recommended daily exercise compensates for too much sitting, you’re in for a surprise!

Even though you may be at a lower risk of dying from prolonged sitting if you exercise regularly, exercising doesn’t give you a free pass to spend the rest of the day being inactive.

Now that was the bad news, and the good news is that by making a few lifestyle changes, you can make strides towards leading a healthier life, and it all starts with your good ol’ chair.

Difference Between Normal Office Chair and Ergonomic Office Chair

Take a look at your traditional office chair, and you’ll notice that there are a few elements missing that if present could collectively improve the way you feel during your workday. Normal office chairs are fitted with fixed armrests and seat heights, which prevent you from adjusting the chair to your desired posture and comfort level.

Further, non-ergonomic chairs aren’t designed for long term comfort, and don’t support your body for long periods of time. Ergonomic chairs work a bit differently in that the more you sit on them, the more they contour to suit your body’s weight and height, hence making them more ideal for you.  

However, it’s worth noting that buying an ergonomic chair alone won’t improve your posture, and relieve your back pain, but you will have to adopt a sit-stand policy philosophy every 30 minutes or so.

If you want the best of both worlds — unmatched comfort and support, then buying an ergonomic chair is an investment you really can’t go wrong with! If you’re still not over the fence about why use an ergonomic chair, and the myriad benefits it offers, here are 10 compelling reasons.

10 Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

1. Posture Support

Posture support is one of the biggest reasons that give ergonomic chairs an edge over traditional office chairs. Today, more than ever, it’s easier to find yourself slouched over your desktop, laptop or over a phone for hours at a time.

Slouching for extended periods of time, especially when you’re not sitting in the right position, can take a toll on your joints, muscles and ligaments. What’s worse is that your body can get easily used to this bad posture even when you’re not at your desk.

Traditional chairs lack basic ergonomics, where you generally tend to lean forward due to incorrect back height and support. Ergonomic office chairs come with all the essential features including headrests and backrests to support your posture while sitting.

Plus, you can adjust the height of ergonomic chairs, so that your feet are flat on the floor, and your knees are a 90-degree angle to the floor, and parallel to your hips. These corrections may seem small, but make a world of a difference in improving your posture.

2. Reduces and/or Eliminates Back and Neck Pain

Ergonomic chairs also provide great support for your back, given that you can adjust the lumbar backrest to support your natural spine position, resulting in less pressure on your spinal discs and muscles.

Backrests of ergonomic chairs also support the natural “S” shape of your spine, which does two things —prevents slumping, and minimizes stress on your spine and pelvis. Backrest lumbar support also contours the curve of the chair with curve of your spine for optimal support.

The backrest of a respective ergonomic chair should be adjustable, and suit your unique height and shape. Adding to this, ergonomic backrests have features such as head and tilt adjustments, as well as a seat sliding function for an optimal ergonomic working position.

Did you know that the average adult human head weighs between 10 lbs to 12 lbs? What’s fascinating about this is that the human head is supported by only seven vertebrae and 20 muscles in the neck. These muscles are susceptible to excessive strain for hours on end during your 9 – 5 workdays.

This strain can cause excruciating pain in your neck and shoulders, and a loss of cartilage between vertebrae. Headrests of ergonomic chairs provide the right level of support for your neck and shoulders, therefore reduce strain on the muscles caused by constant stillness throughout the day.

3. Reduces and/or Eliminates Repetitive Trunk Flexion

One of the side effects of poor posture is repetitive trunk flexion, which makes it difficult to reach things on your desk when in a slouched position, without leaning your torso forward.

This results in low back pain, but sitting in an ergonomic chair encourages good posture. Additionally, ergonomic chairs allow you to sit more erect, while reaching things on your desk without putting any additional strain on your lower back.

4. Increased blood circulation

Poor blood circulation is highly risky for your overall health. Poor blood circulation symptoms include fatigue, muscle cramps, memory loss and difficulty concentrating, slow healing of wounds and edema. ‘

If ignored, the aforementioned symptoms can lead to serious health issues such as diabetes, blood clots, hypertension and/or peripheral artery disease. If you’re sitting in a normal office chair for an extended period of time, and where your feet are unable to touch the ground, blood will not circulate properly throughout your body.

This can lead to issues such as tingling, blood clots and cramping. Given that ergonomic chairs can be adjusted for height, you can set the right height for your feet to touch the ground, usually via a flick of a single lever.

Furthermore, most seats of ergonomic chairs are large enough to fit both your legs side by side, without putting pressure on the sides of your thighs or behind your knees, resulting in enhanced blood circulation.

5.  Increase your comfort quotient

Ergonomic chairs offer a plethora of medical benefits, but consumers often ask are ergonomic chairs comfortable? And short is “Yes”! For starters, ergonomic chair backrest and seat material, especially mesh provide constant airflow to keep you cool throughout the day.

Speaking of mesh material, it is available in two different types — softer mesh and stiffer mesh. Softer mesh is more user friendly, and adapts well to your body, allowing your body weight to be spread across a larger area, but on the downside may stretch and sag over time.

A stiffer mesh is not so forgiving, and is probably not a good choice for people who sit for long hours in a day. Regardless of the material, you will not be able to achieve the desired comfort quotient if the fabric is mated with a plastic frame, which is generally seen in cheap ergonomic chairs.

6. Increased morale and enhanced workplace wellness

As a company, it is highly important to put in the efforts to keep your employees happy and healthy. By switching to ergonomic furniture, you let your current and future employees know that you care about their wellbeing and physical health.

Employees who feel that they’re well-cared for will be less stressed, which is good for both cardiovascular and mental health, and needless to say boosts productivity. Adding ergonomic chairs and furniture to your office also makes the environment more inviting, progressive, inspiring, and appealing to guests and prospective employees.

7. Fewer work compensation claims

Most employers set aside a certain amount of cash for medical insurance for their workers. When you provide your employees with safe ergonomic chairs and furniture to work on, you greatly reduce the chances of employee insurance payouts and deductibles.

8. Designed for all users

Ergonomic chairs are not a “one size fits all” design, but are available in an array of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Adding to this, you can also get bespoke designs that will match your needs perfectly, whether it’s your weight or the right design to match the décor or your home or office.

9. Unmatched safety

Ergonomic chairs come with several different safety features such as a robust base that provides support for the user, as well as the chair. These bases are usually made from high-grade plastic or polished aluminum, prevent the chair from tipping over, and help adjust your posture.

Castors or wheels of ergonomic chairs are available in several different types, so you can easily match the flooring you have including carpet or hardwood. Further, you can even choose castors with brakes to prevent your ergonomic chair from sliding all over the place.

10. Long-term use

Ergonomic chairs are built tough, so you can be rest assured that they will serve you well for many years to come, with proper care of course. They are made from top grade materials, so the chances of malfunction are slim to none.

And to top things off, most ergonomic chair models come with industry leading warranties, some even five years+, so you can get in touch with the manufacturer in case of any issues or defects.

Ergonomic Chairs FAQ’s

Here are a few important questions consumers ask to help use ergonomic chairs the right way.

Q: How to configure my ergonomic chair?

Answer: When you buy your ergonomic chair, it’s probably not going to be setup the way you like it. To configure the chair, first place both feet securely on the floor, and make sure your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Next, adjust the back seat mechanism to get the right support for your spine and back. Adjust the seat pan back and forth until you reach the right seat depth. Unlock the wheels if you want to, and you’re ready to use your ergonomic chair.

Q: How to use ergonomic chair to solve sitting issues?

Answer: A well-designed ergonomic chair will help correct your posture posture, as long as you get accustomed to sitting in the right position.

It is also worth noting that even though ergonomic chairs do provide several benefits on their own, you can add other elements such as footrests, task lighting and other ergonomic furniture to enhance the comfort of your work area.

Q: How does an ergonomic chair work?

Answer: Ergonomic chairs come with a wide range of features, but in essence are very simple to use. All the features of an ergonomic chair work in harmony to help you get the comfort and support you need.

Since traditional chairs don’t come with adjustable features, you will probably have to get acquainted with how to adjust the seat pan, height, and other features of your ergonomic chair.

Q: Are armrests bad for your posture?

Answer: There’s often great debate whether armrests are good for posture. The answer truly depends on user preferences, as armrests do provide extra support, but should be adjusted to the right height.

If you have a table that can accommodate your arms when you work, then buying an ergonomic chair with armrests won’t really make sense. But if you’re buying ergonomic chairs to add to meeting rooms and reception areas, then you can do away with armrests.

Final Thoughts

Buying an ergonomic chair is a wise choice for home or office, and for young and old, and everyone in between. Ergonomic chairs aren’t just comfortable to sit on, but also offer premium health features for excellent posture, and support for your neck and back.

Before buying an ergonomic chair, you should determine the features you need such as armrests and footrests, because the more features you choose, the higher the price tag. All in all, ergonomic chairs are a great investment, as long as you choose the right one. You can read our handy ergonomic chair buying guide to ease your buying decision.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

An article published in a leading online magazine indicates that one of the most prevalent injuries in an office environment is related to unsafe furniture.

Office workers are prone to strains and other injuries, because they spend a bulk of their day seated at a desk or in front of a computer.

What’s worse is that most hazardous office conditions from an ergonomics perspective tend to appear quite innocuous to common office Joes!

Switching to ergonomic office furniture is a smart way to reduce the number of furniture related injuries, increase comfort and efficiency in the workplace, and most importantly nurture your employee’s physical health, as opposed to compromising on safety.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

The word “ergonomic” may sound like some type of mysterious space-age technology, but basically refers to office equipment that’s adaptable, comfortable and safe.

The first ergonomic chair was conceived by William Stumpf in 1976 — the Ergon, which was designed with the sole purpose of providing both comfort, and support. It came with key features including height adjustment, and spine support.

Wondering what makes a chair organic, and different from a conventional office chair? Well, there’s a few distinct features that set the two apart, starting with adjustable headrests, armrests and seat height with ergonomic chairs compared to a static sitting posture with conventional office chairs.

Different Types of Ergonomic Chairs

There are myriad excellent alternatives to traditional office chairs such as:

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

Kneeling ergonomic chairs are especially designed to maintain a natural curve in your lower back to reduce pressure, and ease your back. This type of ergonomic chair has no back, and puts your hips forward, and aligns your neck, shoulders and back.

The front of kneeling ergonomic chairs features a forward slanting seat, which distributes the weight between your pelvis and knees, and encourages a natural position for your spine.

Saddle Ergonomic Chair

Saddle ergonomic chairs promote an active sitting position, and puts you in a position somewhere between sitting and standing, similar to the position when riding a horse. Saddle ergonomic chairs are often a recommended choice for those suffering from lower back problems, and can strengthen the back muscles when used for a long period of time.

Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair

Just as the name would suggest, exercise ball ergonomic office chairs are designed in the shape of a ball, and can be used as desk chairs or computer chairs. One of the biggest benefits of exercise ball office chairs is that they encourage movement, and active seating.

Sitting on a ball ergonomic chair makes it difficult to slouch, keeps muscles engaged, and reduces stress and fatigue. Exercise ball chairs can be ordered in an array of different sizes, and some can even be modified with a base frame with wheels, and backrest.

How much Weight can an Ergonomic Chair Hold?

Not all ergonomic office chairs are built equal, where some can handle more weight than others. And given that there’s no “one size fits all” design, you will have to pay close attention to the weigh capacity of the respective office chair model. Buying an ergonomic chair that can’t accommodate your weight could result in injury.

Most of the best ergonomic office chairs are built tough, and can handle up to 250 lbs. There are also bigger office chairs that can hold between 300 lbs and 800 lbs weight.

What Material is an Ergonomic Chair Made From?

The base and frame of ergonomic chairs can be made from several different materials, most notably plastic, steel, aluminum or wood. Plastic bases are made from polypropylene, and aren’t the most reliable bases, as they can cave in depending on the user’s weight.

This can also cause the castors to snap off, leading to injury. However, there are a select few ergonomic chairs that come with strong plastic bases, and designed for average sized people. This range solid plastic base chairs can be a bit pricey, but high quality doesn’t come cheap!

Moving on, ergonomic office chairs with aluminum bases are a hit in the market, due to two reasons — versatility and durability. In terms of versatility, ergonomic chairs with aluminum bases can handle moderate to slightly larger weight individuals, and are also anodized for long service life.

If an ergonomic chair with an aluminum base isn’t strong enough for you, buy a model that comes with a steel base. Steel bases are much heavier than their plastic and aluminum counterparts, hence great reduce chances of an accident, or breaking of the casters.

When it comes to wood bases, things work a bit differently, because wood itself is not entirely used to make the base, but rather serves as a coating over a steel core for a stylish finish.

The seat and backrest of ergonomic chairs can be crafted from a plethora of different materials including fabric, vinyl, mesh, leather, and faux leather. Fabric made ergonomic chairs can be made from several different types ranging from woven to knitted fabric.

The fabric used in these ergonomic chairs is available in many colors, making it easy to get the right fit for your home or office. But fabric isn’t perfect, and just like clothing is susceptible to spills and stains, so you’ll have to be a little careful, and avoid eating or drinking at your workstation.

Vinyl ergonomic chairs are available in a choice of several different textures and softness levels, and are easy to clean. On the flipside, vinyl ergonomic chairs don’t offer great breathability compared to other materials, but will continue to look good even after regular use.

If you desire unmatched breathability, mesh ergonomic chairs are your best bet, as they allow a surge of airflow to reach your body when you’re seated. However, they can become uncomfortable over time, because they don’t distribute a person’s body weight as well as fabric ergonomic chairs.

Leather ergonomic chairs are expensive compared to all other types of material, but offer timeless elegance, and a prestigious feel. Leather chairs do need special attention and care, because they require regular upkeep, cleaning, and most importantly kept away from sunlight.

How Important is Lumbar Support in Ergonomic Chairs?

Lumbar support is one of the key elements that makes a chair ergonomic. But what is lumbar support, and how important is it for ergonomic chairs? When sitting in a conventional office chair, shifting your weight forward increases stress on the joints and discs, and soft tissues.

A lumbar support backrest reduces stress on the aforementioned areas of your body, and promotes good posture by supporting the naturally inward curve of your lower back.

Without lumbar support, maintaining the correct posture is more difficult, so much so that your body, specifically the large muscles in the lower back have to work overtime to support its proper curvature and alignment.

Types of Lumbar Support

There are several different types of lumbar support available with ergonomic chairs such as fixed, adjustable, dynamic, and external. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the lumbar support in your ergonomic chair.

Most of the general population benefits from a lumbar depth between 0.6” to 2”. The right lumbar support is different for men and women, given that women typically have an excessive inward curve of the spine aka lordosis, therefore may be better off with a more pronounced lumbar support.

If you have a higher BMI (Body Mass Index), you may benefit from a taller lumbar support to target the higher up areas of your back. That said, here are three of the most common types of lumbar support to choose from.

Fixed lumbar support – this type of lumbar support cannot be repositioned or modified in any way, and is fixed into the backrest.

Even though it is more ergonomic than having no back support at all, it may be counterproductive if it protrudes too much or too little for the individual or was positioned incorrectly.

Adjustable lumbar support – given that the curvature of your spine is as unique as your fingerprints, adjustable lumbar support is probably a better option for you, because you can make manual adjustments to the lumbar area to suit your needs.

Adjustable lumbar support in ergonomic office chairs come in various different levels such as height adjustable — allows you to adjust the height of the lumbar support to target a specific area of your back.

Depth adjustable lumbar support allows you to adjust how much the lumbar support moves forward, whereas firm adjustable lumbar support generally allows you to control the firmness and softness via a knob.

Dynamic lumbar support – perhaps the best type of lumbar support you can get, and is seen in some of the high-end ergonomic chairs. Dynamic lumbar support automatically contours to your body, adjusts to different parts of your back separately, and reacts to postural changes.

Adjustable Headrest, Armrests, and Seat Height

Apart from lumbar support, the headrests, armrests and seat height can make a world of a different in the level of comfort and support of an ergonomic chair. If you’re suffering from neck sprains or other similar neck issues, buy an ergonomic chair that comes with a headrest to support the weight of your head and neck.

Most if not all ergonomic chairs are fitted with armrests, which should be height adjustable between 7.1″ to 10.6″ above compressed seat height. Some ergonomic chairs come with a pivoting arm, which provides your arms with a better position for support when typing.

The seat height of ergonomic chairs should be adjustable preferably via an adjustment layer between 16” to 21” off the floor for most people. This is an ideal seat height, as it will allow you to keep your feet flat on the floor, with your arms at the right height as your desk.

Seat width and depth is another aspect to consider when looking for the best ergonomic chair, and is the distance from the back of the chair to the front. The seat width and depth may vary across users, but is usually between 17” and 20” wide.

Seat Pan

The seat pan is the area of the ergonomic chair you sit on, and is attached to the base of the chair. Ergonomically designed seat pans will usually feature a sloped aka waterfall edge, and will be slightly hollow in the center to help distribute your weight more evenly.

Furthermore, the seat pan should also be able to tilt forward and backwards, so that you can change your posture throughout the day, and move the sitting load to different areas of your body.

Wheels of Ergonomic Chairs

The wheel base houses the wheels of the ergonomic chair, and should have a minimum of five spokes. There are ergonomic chairs that come with four spoke bases, but these are likely to tip over when you recline back in your chair.

Wheels also referred to as casters allow the ergonomic chair to glide freely across various different types of floor surfaces. Hard floor casters can be used on tile, wood and laminate flooring, whereas carpet casters allow you to easily use the chair in carpeted areas.

Casters are available in several different sizes, but generally measure between 2” to 2.5”. You can also get larger size wheels such as 3”, which create less resistance when rolling, and are much more durable and versatile, so you won’t have to replace them often.

Caster wheels are available in twin or dual-wheel versions, where the latter creates a wider surface to distribute weight evenly, and prevents damage to your floors.

Some caster wheels feature a reverse locking mechanism, which lock into place when weight is applied to the ergonomic chair, and can be easily rolled, and moved across the room once the weight is removed.

Floor guides work contrarily to casters, where they stabilize the ergonomic chair in position rather than easily moving it around. Certain floor guides can even be height adjusted to deal with uneven surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Buying an ergonomic chair offers several different benefits including unsurpassed posture support, as long as you buy the right one. We’ve provided you with comprehensive information on how to choose an ergonomic chair to ease your buying decision when on the shopping trail.

Ergonomic Chairs Review – Which One is Right for You?

At Anitech, we stock a wide range of class leading, ergonomically-perfect chairs! All the chairs listed in our product portfolio are compliant to ergonomic standards, and provide ultimate support, and offer myriad health benefits.

That said, here are a few detailed reviews of some of our ergonomic chair models to help you buy the right one (s) for your needs and budget.

1. Wergon Ergonomic Chair

The Wergon ergonomic chair is one of our best-selling models for several reasons. For starters, it is fitted with a molded foam seat, which is a joy to sit on even for longer periods.

Key Features of the Wergon Office Chair

  • Molded foam seat
  • 5-star high quality plastic base
  • Plastic shell and seat pan
  • 2” (50 mm) castors with locking mechanism
  • Gas lift height adjustment mechanism

The molded foam seat features an air cell pocket, located right under the ischial tuberosity area, which is designed to provide unmatched pelvic support.

In terms of adjustments, the Wergon office chair is hard to beat with its three onsite levers located underneath the seat on the left side of the chair, allowing you to independently make the adjustments you need.  

Further, this well cushioned seat is protected with a premium quality plastic shell and seat pan. The Wergon ergonomic chair rests sturdily on a five star base made from superior quality reinforced nylon, making it a great choice for light and moderately heavy weight users.

The base features two-inch (50 mm) castors to easily move the chair on both hardwood and carpeted floors. The castors also have a locking mechanism, which locks the chair in place when the weight is removed.

The Wergon ergonomic chair can be ordered with or without loop style armrests, which are height adjustable to get the right fit for your needs. Adding to its long list of features gas lift height adjustment mechanism, which expand and contract more smoothly than metal springs.

The backrest of the Wergon ergonomic chair can also be adjusted be adjusted in height, and can be locked into any position you see fit. It offers a 420 mm depth of seat, and measures 450 mm – 590 mm seat to ground.  

2. ErgoSelect Spark Ergonomic Chair

The ErgoSelect Spark ergonomic chair is in a league of its own, mostly due to its exceptionally comfortable seat and supportive high back. It is ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant, which means that each and every component meets strict quality standards.

Key Features of the ErgoSelect Spark Ergonomic Chair

  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified
  • Choice of two backrest sizes mid-back and high-back
  • 3-lever adjustment, and back tilt
  • Inflatable lumbar pump and 130-mm gas stem
  • AFRDI level 6 certified
  • Can accommodate up to 160 kgs (352 lbs)
  • 4 lever options including a five-inch forward tilt, and adjustable seat tilt tension
  • 4-lever options

The seat of the ErgoSelect Spark chair measures 46 (d) x 47.5 (w), and features a 5 cms seat slide adjustment. This chair can be ordered in a choice of two backrest sizes mid-back and high-back, where each measure 44.5 (w) x 43.5 (w) and 52.5 (d) x 46 (w) cms respectively.

Further, the seat offers a three-lever adjustment, and back tilt, which allows you to easily set the right height for your needs. The ErgoSelect Spark ergonomic chair comes with an inflatable lumbar pump, and is equipped with a 130-mm gas stem.

Adding to this, it is AFRDI level 6 certified, and can accommodate up to 160 kgs (352 lbs), which is more than most similar models in its segment. The ErgoSelect Spark features a high backrest, and features four lever options including a five-inch forward tilt, and adjustable seat tilt tension.

For an ergonomic chair that meets unsurpassed standards of ergonomics, quality, comfort and durability, the ErgoSelect Spark is hard to beat!

3. Clancy Ergonomic Chair

The Clancy ergonomic chair is an Australian made model that features a deep seat pan, making it a perfect choice for long legged and heavier individuals. It is fitted with an extra dense foam seat, which offers excellent posterior support.

Key Features of the Clancy Ergonomic Chair

  • Deep seat pan
  • Great for long legged and heavier individuals
  • 3-lever fully ergonomic adjustment mechanism
  • Chair can be locked into position
  • Suits people up to 6″2 tall
  • 140 mm gas lift and durable vertical stitching
  • Available in blue and black color

Additionally, the seat of the Clancy office chair features plush, and highly comfortable molded cushioning for all day comfort and support. It features a three-lever fully ergonomic adjustment mechanism, making it easy and quick to achieve your desired height.

The backrest of the Clancy ergonomic chair can be locked into position using the onsite with the onboard manual hand tilt lever, and at any height you prefer. Once locked, the height of the backrest will remain in the same position until unlocked.

The Clancy ergonomic chair is designed for people up to 6″2 tall, and its seat can be adjusted between 415 mm to 540 mm. It comes with a 140 mm gas lift, which ensures smooth operation, and durable vertical stitching,

It is GECA Environmental certified, and features a high back, complete with great lumbar support. The Clancy ergonomic chair can be had in two exciting colors — blue and black, and is backed by a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


The ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 ergonomic chair rings in with a rich set of features, some lacking higher priced models in its space. To get started, it can be ordered in two different base options — polished aluminum base, and high quality black nylon base.

Key Features of the ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247

  • 2 base options — polished aluminum and black nylon
  • Features fine mesh, and elastic woven seating upholstery
  • Can accommodate up to 180 kgs (396 lbs)
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant
  • Static load tested by the AFRDI up to 600 kgs
  • High density polyurethane molded foam seat
  • Adjustable back lumbar
  • Independently adjustable seat tilt

It is engineered for multi-shift operations, and is backed by the latest ergonomic technology, and is appointed with beautiful contemporary fine mesh, and elastic woven seat upholstery.

The ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 ergonomic chair can be ordered with or without armrests, and can accommodate up to 180 kgs (396 lbs). It is ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant, and features an adjustable seat height.

But that’s not all, the ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 also offers an adjustable back lumbar, so you get superior back support. The ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 allows you to choose between free floating or lockable seat tilt, making it easy to customize it to your needs.

It also features an independently adjustable back tilt, and a depth adjustable seat slide. The ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 is equipped with a molded foam seat made from high density polyurethane, which provides sheer comfort and durability.

The ERGO CHAIR METRO II 247 is fitted with high quality 60-mm castors, and is seat static load tested by the AFRDI up to 600 kgs.


The ERGO CHAIR METRO takes center stage with an improved design, where today it is more stylish, and showcases a modern look, making it a great addition to any home or office. It boasts a redesigned high-quality mesh back, and comes with all the fully adjustable ergonomic features you can expect from a top notch ergonomic chair.

Key Features of the ERGO CHAIR METRO

  • High-quality mesh back
  • Sturdy reinforced nylon base (option to switch to polished aluminum base)
  • Plush padded seat (lockable or free-floating mode)
  • Five star base with castors
  • 150 kgs (330 lbs) weight capacity
  • GECA an AFRDI- Level 6 certified
  • 3-lever seat adjustment

The ERGO CHAIR METRO comes with sturdy reinforced nylon base, but can also be ordered with a polished aluminum base. Further, it features a plush padded seat, which can be adjustable separately, and set into either lockable or free-floating mode.

The seat of the ERGO CHAIR METRO is made from premium quality fabric, so it can resist a fair bit of accidental spills and wear and tear. It is equipped with a five star base, which prevents the chair from tipping over, does not warp under pressure, and allows you to keep your feet safely on the ground for good posture.

The ERGO CHAIR METRO offers a 150 kgs (330 lbs), making it a great choice for lightweight and heavy users. Furthermore, it features a three-lever seat adjustment to help you make the adjustments you need. The ERGO CHAIR METRO is both GECA an AFRDI- Level 6 certified, and offers a 530 mm back height and 470 mm back width,

The ERGO CHAIR METRO comes with four high quality castors, which are compatible with carpeted as well as hardwood floors. It measures 450mm to 580mm seat to floor, therefore a great for short and tall users.

6. Diamond Visitor Ergonomic Office Chair

Adding ergonomic chairs to your visitor or reception areas inspires and makes both guests and prospective employees, and the Diamond visitor chair is designed to do just that. The Diamond Visitor chair features s stackable design, making it easy to store away stacked over each other when not in use.

Key Features of the Diamond Visitor Office Chair

  • Stackable design makes it easy to store away
  • Sturdy sled base
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available with arms with bookshelf and tablet form
  • Seat and back are molded, well-proportioned design
  • Seat and back made from highly flexible high-elastic polypropylene
  • Armrests fit flush with the seat tube for elegant look and feel

The Diamond Visitor ergonomic office chair comes with a no-frill design, but has a lot going for it in terms of performance and durability. This includes a sturdy sled base., which keeps the chair in place at all times. Adding to this, the Diamond Visitor chair conforms to BIFMA Standards, and can be ordered in an assortment of appealing colors.

The Diamond Visitor ergonomic office chair can be had with arms with bookshelf and tablet form, making it easy to customize for your needs. The seat and back of the Diamond Visitor office chair feature a molded, well-proportioned design, which allows you to sit comfortably, and without causing strain on your back and neck.

The seat and backrest of the Diamond Visitor office chair are crafted from highly flexible high-elastic polypropylene, which provide you with a natural seating posture, and is easy to clean.

The armrests of the Diamond Visitor chair protrude from the stream of the backrest, and move forward along a curve, and fit flush with the seat tube, which makes the chair feel much more elegant.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best ergonomic chair, you will be spoilt for choice, given the plethora of options available. At Anitech, we select and stock a wide range of office chairs that meet all ergonomic design criteria, and are built tough, so you can expect nothing less than long service life.

Except for the Diamond Visitor office chair, all the other ergonomic chair models care fitted with high quality fabric seats, and offer three-lever height adjustment. Additionally, they all come with well-padded, adjustable backrests to allow you to sit in the right posture.

They can accommodate both heavy and light users with a maximum 160 kgs weight capacities, and come with high quality castors, which can be used on both hardwood and carpeted floors.

Some of out models are AFRDI certified (Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute), which means that they are ergonomically sound in terms of seat height, seat tilt, lumbar support and arm heights. AFRDI certified also means that swivel and castors are tested for a minimum of 25,000 ‘sits’ per day non-stop.

Most, if not all our office chairs are backed by leading warranties, so you can get in touch with use in case of any manufacturer defects, so you can rest assured they will last you for many years to come with proper care.

Buying Guide for Comfortable Home Office Ergonomic Chair

An increasing number of people work from home either for the convenience it offers, to get an opportunity to work while tending to children, or as a second job. No matter what the reason may be, a home office has to be properly furnished, especially with the right office chair.

People working from home work like any other person at the office where there’s probably a lot of sitting involved. So it’s important that you are comfortable if you have to sit for so long periods by choosing and buying the right home office chair. This guide will help you buy the right chair for your home office.

1.  Plan your purchase

First step is to understand what is important to you. It’s very important to know that there are so many types of office chairs around. So don’t buy the first chair you come across just because it’s ergonomically designed, it’s made of the right material or because it has the right height.

You have to do your share of research and know what to look out for in your office chair. Remember, while ergonomic chairs are indeed better for you, a single size does not fit everyone.

2.  Lumbar support

As you will be sitting continuously in the chair for hours, it is important that it provides you with good lumbar support to keep your spine healthy. There are low, medium and high back chairs to look out for.

·         The low back chairs support maximum support to the lower back with a backrest that is rather small, and flexes backward and forwards while sitting. This type of chair is ideal for those with lower back problems.

·         Medium back chairs do not just support the mid-back but also supports your lower back and shoulder blades. This means you can safely lean back on the chair without the fear of straining your neck.

·         The high back chairs offer maximum personalized features when compared to low and medium back chairs. The headrest on these chairs supports your upper back and neck so that you can relax on it whenever required.

·         You should look for an ergonomically designed chair if you will be sitting on the chair for more than 8 hours a day. These chairs support your spine and lower back to keep your joints and tissue in a natural and neutral position.

This, in turn, helps to improve your work productivity. These chairs generally have well-padded seats and backs to provide adequate lumbar support, stability, and sturdiness while you work.

3.  Adjustability

Adjustable height is another feature to look out for in the office chair because some people are short, and some tall. As it’s not possible to buy a chair based on your height, you need to look for a home office chair with not just an adjustable seat height but also adjustable, armrest and back and neck rest. These chairs offer the benefit of being adjustable to a comfortable recline degree that befits your body type and structure the best.

4.  Mobility

If you plan to do some moving around in your home office like to and from the filing cabinet, then a chair with a swivel and wheels is what you want. It makes twisting and turning in the chair easy, which isn’t possible without it. In fact, there’s the huge risk of you suffering from repetitive strain injuries you get if you keep on straining and reaching out from chairs that don’t swivel and accommodate your movements.

5.  Material

With so many office chairs made from different materials, it’s important you choose a material you are comfortable with, and which is easy to maintain. The most common materials you get to choose from are mesh and leather. Mesh may be relatively uncomfortable to sit on but is more breathable. This is a plus feature if you will be sitting for prolonged periods as it keeps your body cool.

Leather is not only comfortable to sit on; it’s also stylish to look at. However, it has the drawback of not being breathable, which means it can get hot and comfortable after sitting on it for long periods. Besides, leather also tends to wear down quickly with continual use.

6.  Budget

It goes without saying that you have to look for an office chair that you can afford. But don’t compensate for functionality while emphasizing on cost because there is no point in buying a cheap chair that’s not comfortable or ergonomically designed for your use.

A poorly designed home office chair can lead to back pain, unnecessary expenses on medication, the pain and discomfort of back pain, and reduced work productivity because of all this. If you consider all these aspects, it’s definitely worth spending a bit more for a comfortable office chair because you eventually save money in the end.

If you can afford it, there are also different styled office chairs you can look out for. You get to choose from contemporary, vintage, modern and imperial style chairs. You can choose based n your budget and taste to add some elegance and touch to your office.

Just remember that no matter how much you spend for your office chair, and no matter how ergonomically designed it may be, it’s important that you maintain a habit of not sitting in the same position for too long.

Get up frequently and take walking breaks to break the repetitive pattern of sitting in the same position for many hours at a time. Prolonged sitting only leads to potential back pain, pain and inconvenience and poor work productivity. However, with the right home office chair, you will definitely be able to get much more work done working from home!

Why Invest in Ergonomic Chair

Did you know that most office workers spend *an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes* sitting down at work every day? When they spend so much time sitting it’s quite obvious that they should feel as comfortable as possible. And there’s nothing that affects their comfort most while sitting than the right office chair. 

Unfortunately, not many employers realize this and are reluctant to invest in new, ergonomically designed chairs. They feel it’s an unnecessary investment. Many think that the more comfortable their employees are, the less they work!

However, this perception may change if and when they realize that this one single move can benefit the company too. It’s mainly because a comfortable employee works better and faster which in turn leads to increased productivity. 

This is the first of many reasons proving it’s worth investing in the right office chairs for your employees. 

1.     Improved work productivity

Employers should first of all realize that the right chair does not just let their employees sit comfortably. It also helps reduce the incidence of low back pain. Most people suffer from some form of low back pain in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, in most cases, the wrong office chair is the culprit.

The right office chair is one that lets you sit with your lower back supported by the chair. The chair should also be a bit reclined so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and can sit for prolonged hours. 

It was proven through another study that the proper chair and desk helped the participant *sit comfortably for seven to eight hours*. This was much longer than the 2 hours he could comfortably sit before. 

In addition to the extended period, he didn’t even have any upper middle-back pain anymore. These increased comfort levels while sitting consequently lead to better work output and productivity on the employee’s front. 

2.     Reduced workplace injuries

Did you know that office chairs also contributed to preventing workplace injuries? Yes, it’s because sitting on the wrong chair for hours can trigger possible musculoskeletal system disorders. 

Complications like degenerated discs and muscle tension usually lead to pain, and the loss of flexibility. The pain and lack of flexibility are not just in the back, but also in the neck and arms. 

This leads to the increased possibility of employees not turning up for work. Even if they do come, they will not be able to work as quickly or as efficiently as they should.

Prevention is always better than cure. Musculoskeletal system disorders can be prevented by providing employees with proper ergonomics in the workplace. It proves natural that you as the employer should consider investing in the right chairs. 

You are wrong if you feel this is a waste of money. By reducing workplace injuries, office chairs consequently lead to increased work productivity because there are fewer absentees.

Besides, reduced workplace injuries also prevent you from paying consequent worker compensation claims. In short, the chairs help you monetarily in more ways than one!

3.     Improves employee morale

Once you start investing in the best ergonomic office chairs, you convey a clear message to your employees. It shows you truly care about their health and happiness. 

Your employees will feel privileged knowing that you keep them and their health in mind. They, in turn, will want to return the favor by giving much more back to the company and by working harder.

4.     Adds a touch of professionalism

An office looks more professional if it has office chairs and perfectly coordinated furniture. It shows how seriously you take your business, and this, in turn, improves your business image. 

This image also boosts your employee morale because they feel they are in a professional office and need to work better. The more effort they put in their work, the better it is for your business. 

5.     Creates a positive first impression

Besides, the first impression is always the most important. In your case, the right office chairs contribute a lot in creating a good first impression on potential customers.  

This professionalism reaches out to potential customers when they enter your office, and they acknowledge it. It also proves that you are serious about your business and this makes them look forward to doing business with you. 

6.     Better fit

Most good office chairs come in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers like Autonomous do this purposely because they know that not all employees have the same build.

They each differ in their height, weight, and size. Even a slight difference in a chair’s seat height and width makes a lot of difference when they work for long hours. 

Remember, it is worth investing in office chairs for your employees. They tend to work better sitting on comfortable chairs, without any muscle tension, back pain. They do not even feel tired that quickly. All of this not only leads to increased work productivity but also gives them better job satisfaction.

7.     Minimizes workplace distraction 

Besides, employees who don’t feel comfortable while working are more likely to get distracted. They tend to keep shifting around so that they get a better sitting position.

This constant shifting diverts their attention more to the pain and discomfort with *less focus on their work*. The eventual outcome is reduced work productivity. Besides, the pain can also make employees irritable, which is not healthy for workplace relations. All of this can be prevented and better work and team relations improved just by investing in office chairs.


You see, there are so many reasons to invest in office chairs for your employees. While it may seem to be an unnecessary investment at first, the benefits it provides will prove otherwise. 

You end up with happier employees who are willing to work harder for the company. It is this zest in them that leads to better work productivity and reduced absentees. 

Just remember to buy your office chairs from someone reputable and known in the business like Autonomous. To be on the safer side it is better to first check on the chairs’ return policies. 

This way you can at least try out the chair for a day or two before committing and finalizing the deal with the right office chairs.

Stay Safe and Studious With These Stylish Partitions

Effective workspace dividers are worth uniting your office over.

With business’ across Australia undergoing significant physical alterations to allow for adequate COVID-Safe measures, appropriate workplace ergonomics is an important issue now. An effective ergonomic workplace layout has many benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced risk of injury, and developing a happier, more productive environment. Ergonomics looks at ways to design the physical space of the office so that it is safe and conducive to productivity, that staff are provided with accessible, comfortable workstations, and that there are clear dividers between booths to ensure that staff are given sufficient personal space, with adequate social distancing measures in place. An effective ergonomic set-up is a must for business’ right now.

An important aspect of office ergonomics is effective partitioning, in which dividers are installed between workstations, rooms, and other assorted areas of the office. An effective partition provides several benefits to business’, including improved acoustics, providing staff with a sense of personal space, dividing the office into different areas, and allowing for appropriate social distancing measures between staff.

Partitions are part of an effective office layout

There are several different types of partitions available to business’, and depending on their requirements, these dividers can service them in a number of ways. Companies looking to install partitions throughout their office would benefit from undergoing a basic ergonomic assessment, where ergonomic specialists audit their work environment to assess how conducive it is for staff comfort and productivity. This process helps organisations achieve several goals, including ensuring the risks of workplace injury are minimised, and that the office is designed to be safe, comfortable, and conducive to productivity.

Anitech is able to provide business’ with four effective, distinctive, office partitions at a cost-effective price, each of which is designed to achieve a particular ergonomic goal.

Freestanding acoustic partitions

This type of divider helps contain noises to a particular area within the office, as it is tall, portable, and easy to install in open spaces. While open spaces in the workplace have several benefits, including helping to develop a sharing, participatory culture, they can be noisy and potentially distracting. A freestanding acoustic partition is the solution to this problem, as they work at containing office noise to a certain area, ensuring that people in that area can still openly chat to each other without distracting staff in other areas.

Perspex partitions

This type of partition is also effective in isolating noises to certain areas, while also offering the additional benefit of being designed from see-through plastic material which allows light in, maintains visibility within the office, and ensures that staff can see each other, and thus do not feel socially isolated from one another. The Perspex partitions easily achieve those goals, while still working at keeping the office quiet, and thus, improving productivity.

Desk partitions

Desk partitions are designed to separate individual booths in the office, giving staff a sense of privacy and personal space, while also minimising noise between workstations. This type of partition works at increasing productivity by ensuring that staff at booths can pay full attention to their duties by working in a peaceful environment.

Freestanding office partitions

A key benefit of freestanding office partitions is their portability, as they can easily and safely be moved around the office, and can easily divide rooms into different areas or create personal workspaces for staff. They also act as a noise barrier, effectively isolating noises, and thus ensuring that staff on both sides of the divider can work without outside distractions.

Business’ looking to get that edge and demonstrate to staff that they care about their personal wellbeing whilst onsite, stand to benefit from the installation of these partitions across their workspace. Partitions help in the development of a more productive, peaceful, office environment, while ensuring that individual employees have their personal space and social distancing needs met.

If you would like to find out what types of partitions would be suitable for your workspace, and how many your office needs to adequately achieve the above goals, then please book an ergonomic assessment with Anitech, by calling our ergonomic specialists on 1300 802 163. Give them an overview of your office layout, and they will be able to discuss with you whether an onsite assessment is needed, and what types of partitions would help strengthen the productivity, while minimising the distractions, within your workspace. Wouldn’t you say effective dividers are worth uniting your office?