Improve Your Workspace With Effective Office Partitions

Workplace partitions can bring many benefits to an office, including noise reduction, and maximising productivity.

With many business’ across the country now back to working at the office, employers are faced with the challenge of redesigning their office environment to ensure it meets a number of goals, including ensuring that their office is designed to accommodate compliant social distancing practices, that the personal wellbeing of all staff is provided for through providing them with sufficient personal space, and that the physical lay out of the office is conducive to productivity, with it being designed to ensure that external noises are minimised, meaning that staff can discuss work matters without distracting nearby employees. All three of these goals can be met by installing a range of ergonomic-friendly work partitions across your workspace, as they are designed to support maximum productivity and employee comfort. By installing work partitions across your workspace, your business is demonstrating a commitment to employee comfort and productivity.

Partitions Promote Productivity and Privacy

There are countless business advantages to installing partitions across your workplace. In addition to acting as both a physical and noise barrier between staff, and thus providing employees with a sense of personal space, they can also be used as visual signifiers to separate the workspace into different departments. For example, the desks for floor staff at an office could be equipped with one type of partition and management with another. This acts as an immediate visual signifier for people in the office that there is a clear division between these two departments. So, not only can office partitions helps design the work layout to maximise productivity, but they can also give an individual identity to different divisions within the office.

Further, the effective placement of office partitions can work at visually protecting confidential information from unauthorised users, as the partitions can act as a visual barrier, preventing unauthorised users from seeing confidential work data.

Find the right partition for your workspace.

As there is a huge range of different work environments and working arrangements, so too is there a wide range of office partitions available for business’, with the various types serving different work purposes. Some of the most popular, work-conducive, partition styles include:

  • Freestanding Office Partitions: These tall office partitions can serve a range of different purposes, but they are most suited to dividing up the office workspace into different departments. Not only are they large, portable, and easy to move, they act as great visual barriers, and are effective in dividing up work environments into different departments. By installing a range of freestanding office partitions across your workspace, your business will have clear areas for different staff, employees will be provided with a sense of personal space, and productivity will be maximised by reducing potential distractions.
  • Freestanding Acoustic Partitions: These partitions are similarly designed to the ones described above, and yet distinguish themselves by acting as exceptional noise mitigators, through their high sound absorption ability, due to their polyester soundmesh lining.  These partitions will be a great addition to any work environment with a degree of noise, as they act as noise blockers, reducing outside distractions. By installing these partitions across your workspace, your business is making a commitment to high productivity, less distractions, and happier employees.
  • Perspex Partitions: These see-through partitions are great at providing a high degree of visibility across the office, while still providing a physical protective barrier between areas. With the COVID pandemic not yet over, these partition types have become a must-have for business’ that deal with customers face-to-face, as the protective barrier is conducive to social distancing requirements and ensures that the safety of both customers and staff remains a high priority. Further, the see-through, non-porous surface means that visibility is not compromised. These partitions have quickly become a must-have item for all organisations that deal with customers face-to-face, and the fact that they provide a protective barrier while not compromising visibility makes them a top choice for many business’.
  • Desk Partitions: Both portable and protective, desk partitions are a popular choice for business’ across the country, as they can easily be installed at individual staff workstations, providing employees with a sense of personal space and privacy. They also act as noise mitigators, and so are a great addition to any workplace looking to maximise employee comfort.

This article has briefly covered some of the main office partition styles available on the market, and discussed the specific benefits of each type. However, particular business’ may have specific requirements relating to their workspace, and so require a range of partitioning equipment to be installed throughout their office, with various partition types being installed across different areas of their office.

Please check out this page to find out more about which style of office partition would best suit your operations. After finding out which types are relevant to your business needs, you will be able to take active steps towards making your office environment a supportive, inclusive environment for all staff.