Why Invest in Ergonomic Chair

Did you know that most office workers spend *an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes* sitting down at work every day? When they spend so much time sitting it’s quite obvious that they should feel as comfortable as possible. And there’s nothing that affects their comfort most while sitting than the right office chair. 

Unfortunately, not many employers realize this and are reluctant to invest in new, ergonomically designed chairs. They feel it’s an unnecessary investment. Many think that the more comfortable their employees are, the less they work!

However, this perception may change if and when they realize that this one single move can benefit the company too. It’s mainly because a comfortable employee works better and faster which in turn leads to increased productivity. 

This is the first of many reasons proving it’s worth investing in the right office chairs for your employees. 

1.     Improved work productivity

Employers should first of all realize that the right chair does not just let their employees sit comfortably. It also helps reduce the incidence of low back pain. Most people suffer from some form of low back pain in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, in most cases, the wrong office chair is the culprit.

The right office chair is one that lets you sit with your lower back supported by the chair. The chair should also be a bit reclined so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and can sit for prolonged hours. 

It was proven through another study that the proper chair and desk helped the participant *sit comfortably for seven to eight hours*. This was much longer than the 2 hours he could comfortably sit before. 

In addition to the extended period, he didn’t even have any upper middle-back pain anymore. These increased comfort levels while sitting consequently lead to better work output and productivity on the employee’s front. 

2.     Reduced workplace injuries

Did you know that office chairs also contributed to preventing workplace injuries? Yes, it’s because sitting on the wrong chair for hours can trigger possible musculoskeletal system disorders. 

Complications like degenerated discs and muscle tension usually lead to pain, and the loss of flexibility. The pain and lack of flexibility are not just in the back, but also in the neck and arms. 

This leads to the increased possibility of employees not turning up for work. Even if they do come, they will not be able to work as quickly or as efficiently as they should.

Prevention is always better than cure. Musculoskeletal system disorders can be prevented by providing employees with proper ergonomics in the workplace. It proves natural that you as the employer should consider investing in the right chairs. 

You are wrong if you feel this is a waste of money. By reducing workplace injuries, office chairs consequently lead to increased work productivity because there are fewer absentees.

Besides, reduced workplace injuries also prevent you from paying consequent worker compensation claims. In short, the chairs help you monetarily in more ways than one!

3.     Improves employee morale

Once you start investing in the best ergonomic office chairs, you convey a clear message to your employees. It shows you truly care about their health and happiness. 

Your employees will feel privileged knowing that you keep them and their health in mind. They, in turn, will want to return the favor by giving much more back to the company and by working harder.

4.     Adds a touch of professionalism

An office looks more professional if it has office chairs and perfectly coordinated furniture. It shows how seriously you take your business, and this, in turn, improves your business image. 

This image also boosts your employee morale because they feel they are in a professional office and need to work better. The more effort they put in their work, the better it is for your business. 

5.     Creates a positive first impression

Besides, the first impression is always the most important. In your case, the right office chairs contribute a lot in creating a good first impression on potential customers.  

This professionalism reaches out to potential customers when they enter your office, and they acknowledge it. It also proves that you are serious about your business and this makes them look forward to doing business with you. 

6.     Better fit

Most good office chairs come in various shapes and sizes. Manufacturers like Autonomous do this purposely because they know that not all employees have the same build.

They each differ in their height, weight, and size. Even a slight difference in a chair’s seat height and width makes a lot of difference when they work for long hours. 

Remember, it is worth investing in office chairs for your employees. They tend to work better sitting on comfortable chairs, without any muscle tension, back pain. They do not even feel tired that quickly. All of this not only leads to increased work productivity but also gives them better job satisfaction.

7.     Minimizes workplace distraction 

Besides, employees who don’t feel comfortable while working are more likely to get distracted. They tend to keep shifting around so that they get a better sitting position.

This constant shifting diverts their attention more to the pain and discomfort with *less focus on their work*. The eventual outcome is reduced work productivity. Besides, the pain can also make employees irritable, which is not healthy for workplace relations. All of this can be prevented and better work and team relations improved just by investing in office chairs.


You see, there are so many reasons to invest in office chairs for your employees. While it may seem to be an unnecessary investment at first, the benefits it provides will prove otherwise. 

You end up with happier employees who are willing to work harder for the company. It is this zest in them that leads to better work productivity and reduced absentees. 

Just remember to buy your office chairs from someone reputable and known in the business like Autonomous. To be on the safer side it is better to first check on the chairs’ return policies. 

This way you can at least try out the chair for a day or two before committing and finalizing the deal with the right office chairs.

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