Buying Guide for Comfortable Home Office Ergonomic Chair

An increasing number of people work from home either for the convenience it offers, to get an opportunity to work while tending to children, or as a second job. No matter what the reason may be, a home office has to be properly furnished, especially with the right office chair.

People working from home work like any other person at the office where there’s probably a lot of sitting involved. So it’s important that you are comfortable if you have to sit for so long periods by choosing and buying the right home office chair. This guide will help you buy the right chair for your home office.

1.  Plan your purchase

First step is to understand what is important to you. It’s very important to know that there are so many types of office chairs around. So don’t buy the first chair you come across just because it’s ergonomically designed, it’s made of the right material or because it has the right height.

You have to do your share of research and know what to look out for in your office chair. Remember, while ergonomic chairs are indeed better for you, a single size does not fit everyone.

2.  Lumbar support

As you will be sitting continuously in the chair for hours, it is important that it provides you with good lumbar support to keep your spine healthy. There are low, medium and high back chairs to look out for.

·         The low back chairs support maximum support to the lower back with a backrest that is rather small, and flexes backward and forwards while sitting. This type of chair is ideal for those with lower back problems.

·         Medium back chairs do not just support the mid-back but also supports your lower back and shoulder blades. This means you can safely lean back on the chair without the fear of straining your neck.

·         The high back chairs offer maximum personalized features when compared to low and medium back chairs. The headrest on these chairs supports your upper back and neck so that you can relax on it whenever required.

·         You should look for an ergonomically designed chair if you will be sitting on the chair for more than 8 hours a day. These chairs support your spine and lower back to keep your joints and tissue in a natural and neutral position.

This, in turn, helps to improve your work productivity. These chairs generally have well-padded seats and backs to provide adequate lumbar support, stability, and sturdiness while you work.

3.  Adjustability

Adjustable height is another feature to look out for in the office chair because some people are short, and some tall. As it’s not possible to buy a chair based on your height, you need to look for a home office chair with not just an adjustable seat height but also adjustable, armrest and back and neck rest. These chairs offer the benefit of being adjustable to a comfortable recline degree that befits your body type and structure the best.

4.  Mobility

If you plan to do some moving around in your home office like to and from the filing cabinet, then a chair with a swivel and wheels is what you want. It makes twisting and turning in the chair easy, which isn’t possible without it. In fact, there’s the huge risk of you suffering from repetitive strain injuries you get if you keep on straining and reaching out from chairs that don’t swivel and accommodate your movements.

5.  Material

With so many office chairs made from different materials, it’s important you choose a material you are comfortable with, and which is easy to maintain. The most common materials you get to choose from are mesh and leather. Mesh may be relatively uncomfortable to sit on but is more breathable. This is a plus feature if you will be sitting for prolonged periods as it keeps your body cool.

Leather is not only comfortable to sit on; it’s also stylish to look at. However, it has the drawback of not being breathable, which means it can get hot and comfortable after sitting on it for long periods. Besides, leather also tends to wear down quickly with continual use.

6.  Budget

It goes without saying that you have to look for an office chair that you can afford. But don’t compensate for functionality while emphasizing on cost because there is no point in buying a cheap chair that’s not comfortable or ergonomically designed for your use.

A poorly designed home office chair can lead to back pain, unnecessary expenses on medication, the pain and discomfort of back pain, and reduced work productivity because of all this. If you consider all these aspects, it’s definitely worth spending a bit more for a comfortable office chair because you eventually save money in the end.

If you can afford it, there are also different styled office chairs you can look out for. You get to choose from contemporary, vintage, modern and imperial style chairs. You can choose based n your budget and taste to add some elegance and touch to your office.

Just remember that no matter how much you spend for your office chair, and no matter how ergonomically designed it may be, it’s important that you maintain a habit of not sitting in the same position for too long.

Get up frequently and take walking breaks to break the repetitive pattern of sitting in the same position for many hours at a time. Prolonged sitting only leads to potential back pain, pain and inconvenience and poor work productivity. However, with the right home office chair, you will definitely be able to get much more work done working from home!

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